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We are an environmental consultancy and training provider based in Nottingham   

Loreus Ltd.

Loreus is a ‘spin-off’ company originally based at Nottingham Trent University. It was founded by two leading environmental experts at the University and has grown to be an international, quality provider of environmental support. To date, over 1000 organisations, from both the public and private sectors, have taken the Loreus route to improving their environmental performance. We have provided software, consultancy and training solutions for public sector organisations such as NHS PASA, large multinational private sector corporations such as Games Workshop, Experian, Northern Foods and Capital One and SMEs such as P J Lilley Construction. 

Our Clients

We have worked with over 1000 clients and each and every one of these clients have been our single most important focus. Because of our service and care for our clients, we have developed an outstanding reputation. We believe that going the extra distance is never too far, supporting our clients to get the absolute best out of our services and their resources. Because of our focus on client satisfaction, we have earned an outstanding reputation for our service and care for our clients. This ethos has enabled us to build a range of loyal clients who continually work with us to solve their sustainability problems.

Some of our clients:

Our Team

We operate with a small team at Loreus. Though small, each individual is highly qualified and passionate about the industry we are in. Our small team enables us to more easily focus on the customer experience as the same people will be helping you at all stages in your problems. 

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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the best environmental consultancy and training in the industry. We will use these tools to help our clients reduce their environmental impacts and conform to all legal requirements. We will constantly strive to make these processes as painless, efficient and cost effective whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and accuracy. Our efforts aim to allow our clients to enjoy all the benefits of environmental management while supporting and encouraging a new generation of corporate responsibility. Throughout these processes, we will focus on client satisfaction as our most important measure of the service we provide and will provide outstanding support to all of our clients as a result of this. 

Our Environmental Management System

We invite people to ask us about our EMS. At Loreus, our senior management initiates and gives full support to our environmental policy. As a responsible company, we intend to grow and develop in a sustainable manner. However, we recognise that our operations have impacts on the environment and we are committed to reducing these. It makes sense that we practice what we preach. We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and we use an EMS to achieve this in a structured way. The company is committed to providing the human and financial resources required to operate this EMS which covers all the operations at our offices in the East Midlands. 

Read our Environmental Policy

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