NHS annual sustainability reporting

Bespoke support to produce your annual sustainability report  

Annual sustainability reporting services

Produce an engaging sustainability report in-line with mandated requirements

Annual sustainability reporting is mandated for CCGs and Trusts through the Department of Health (DH) group accounting manual and by the Foundation Trust annual reporting manual. 

Measuring, monitoring & reporting on sustainability is a vital step on the road to becoming a more sustainable organisation and realising the associated financial benefits. 

Loreus offer a range of services to help produce your annual sustainability report in line with the above requirements. We specialise in reducing the report burden and training staff to meet their reporting requirements in the most efficient manner. 

The Annual reporting cycle for NHS trusts and CCGs: 

  • Mid April: Submit annual report to auditors.
  • Mid May: Finalised figures in annual report.
  • Mid May: Send finalised annual report to the SDU.

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Why choose Loreus?

Loreus has over 15 years of experience providing consultancy services to public and private sector organisations across a wide range of sustainability topics. Choose Loreus and benefit from our knowledge and experience to quickly identify cost-effective changes which can quickly deliver real financial and sustainable benefits.  

What are the benefits?

Improved sustainability

What gets monitored gets managed. A robust and accurate sustainability report allows you to set goals and make progress. 

Meet your expectations 

An annual sustainability report is expected from all NHS CCGs and Trusts. Choose Loreus and be confident of meeting the requirements.  

Lead on Sustainability  

Become a leader of sustainability within the health service and stand out from other Trusts & CCGs with a strong sustainability report.

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