Sustainability Check

Sustainability Check

The complete sustainability assessment & verification scheme

What is Sustainability Check?

Sustainability Check is the premier mark of sustainability achievement. It is the ideal option for organisations seeking to enhance their reputation and demonstrate the highest standard of sustainability accomplishment. 

The scheme is comprised of three levels, each with increasingly demanding criteria which the organisation must achieve before progressing onto the next level. You can view the criteria requirements for each level HERE

Organisations will need to complete an online audit and submit evidence to demonstrate their achievement of the criteria. 

Registration for the scheme is free, organisations only pay when they wish to undertake the audit at each level. In addition to the audit, organisations will also receive: 

  1. Interactive materials to track your progress at each phase.
  2. Detailed examples on how the criteria can be achieved and evidenced.
  3. Access to help and support from Loreus consultants.
  4. Promotion on the Sustainability Check register.
  5. A badge and certificate demonstrating your achievement.

Fees & registration

The fee structure for the Sustainability Check scheme is detailed below:

  1. £300 for the Bronze level audit.
  2. £400 for the Silver level audit.
  3. £500 for the Gold level audit.

If you would like to register for the scheme, please send an email to with "Sustainability Check registration" in the subject line. You will just need to provide the name of your organisation along with the name and email address for a contact within your organisation. 

EcoHealth Leaflet

For further information on the Sustainability Check scheme, please click on the brochure above.

What are the benefits?

Stand out from the crowd

A Sustainability Check award is the premier mark of sustainability achievement for any organisation. 

Improved sustainability 

Benefit from the knowledge & experience of our consultants to improve your sustainability.

Lead on Sustainability  

Enhance your reputation and demonstrate the highest standard of sustainability accomplishment.

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